Arlis is more than your average facility management company. Focusing exclusively on retail has helped us gain a wealth of industry knowledge and experience which, in turn, helps us provide you with excellent service. In addition to a wide range of products and services, we offer ready-made solutions that introduce structure and regulation to your maintenance processes. Arlis supports and oversees the technical and operational management of multiple corporate branches. This lets customers focus on what they do best – their core business – without losing sight of their cost and decision-making needs. With us, you decide what needs doing and when. To make things easier, all agreements are settled at the start of our collaboration. With your own online account on our servers, you can review all on-going operations and give us the green light to solve any problems that arise.  


At Arlis, we know that the quality we offer depends on the partners we work with. That is why we carefully and systematically select each partner based on their industry-specific knowledge, experience and price-quality ratio. As a result, we have built an impressive international network that meets all of these demands. We can quickly assemble a team of experts for any assignment and dispatch them to any location in Germany or the Benelux. At the same time, we keep our overhead low and our organisation as flat as possible. This lets us take fast action at a competitive price. At Arlis, the customer always comes first. With a central phone number manned 24/7 and an online status overview for instant insight into your operations, we are always here to help. No problem is too big for Arlis.